Jan Kepler of Kepler Design surprised me!

My kitchen layout is a designer’s true test of their creativity, thoughtfulness, and determination, with a hopeful goal of bringing forward the best design while considering all the variables. And Kepler Design came up with a design that passes this tough test with an A+

As homeowners, it serves us well to consider a designer’s personal esthetic style along with their design showroom appointments. Select one who reveals an elevated style that has been carefully developed and cultivated!  You will find that in Jan Kepler, of Kepler Design, and the showroom reflects a tasteful and cultivated style that will carry over into your design project.

Also consider that “one-stop shopping & design” services are often compromised with a conflict of interest.

Kepler Design services are singular!!  They have one purpose – to create the best design possible.

In the end, that is exactly what you and I need and expect – a designer that is not compromised but offers quality material, honest feedback, and a worthy design making you and designer beam with pride over a well appointed and workable space.

Without hesitation and with great confidence I do recommend Kepler Design.

Kathleen Yorba

Kathleen Yorba