Where do I start? Jan has been absolutely wonderful with our kitchen remodel. We needed to make our kitchen significantly more efficient and make it a “two chef” kitchen. We had spent 2 years trying to arrive at a solution on our own but Jan came up with a plan within 48 hours. She truly thought outside the box and it was perfect for us.
Once we settled on the design she was WONDERFUL at helping us pick out the cabinetry, appliances, tile, flooring, sinks, etc. I’m pretty inept at this stuff but Jan made it easy. We ordered the cabinetry through Jan for two reasons – we wanted quality and we wanted to make sure it was ordered correctly. Since Jan was intimate with the design, she was the obvious choice for the cabinetry.
Another advantage to using Kepler Design, is that she is well connected with the construction side of the business. She introduced us to an excellent general contractor who has worked out extremely well.
Overall – I can’t recommend her enough. She was so easy to work with and her honesty and responsiveness was always appreciated.

Nancy Dandridge