Jan Kepler loves what she does . She is tireless, visionary ,and  a perfectionist. We did a major kitchen and multiple bathroom remodel, where she did everything from the design to the finish. The outcome is nothing short of amazing, with a kitchen out of Architetural Digest with extraordinarily beautiful cabinetry of highest quality. She worked tirelessly with the contractor and subcontractors, to make it all possible. She is really a visionary who can put it all together : the style,  the colors, the cabinetry, granite, the integration of form and function . We had a fairly good idea of what we wanted; a beautiful functional kitchen of highest quality and attractive functional bathrooms and that is what we got . If you can envision it , she can make it happen with an eye toward the cost. We wholeheartedly recommend her and her company to everyone who wants quality beautiful kitchens and bathrooms .