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for Fine Cabinetry by Plato Woodworking


I am a leading dealer for Plato Woodwork Plato has been building quality American made home, bath, and kitchen cabinetry to create functional and beautiful spaces Since 1893. Plato products are built in the USA and committed to environmentally sound practices.

The cabinetry is beautifully functional, durable and easy to maintain. Your style, finishes and wood options are limitless and your cabinets can be customized to your particular wishes.

Complimenting the cabinets and cupboard we have top quality tile, composites, marble, and granite available for amazing backsplashes and countertops.

All have their advantages and disadvantages, and different cost ranges. All are to be considered along with the client’s specific tastes, wants and needs. We make sure you have the perfect combination for you.